A Knight in Shining Armor for a Dad by Maxine Flam

I think of my father every day
In a kid-minded sort of way

He grew his moustache just for me
And wore it proudly for all to see

But if my behavior was very bad
He’d say the words that made me sad

I’ll shave it off
No daddy no
I’ll be good
He kept it so

He liked to go fishing at the lake
So we’d pack up everything and take
The gear, a camera, and snacks to eat
Boy, fishing is hard on the feet

Dad liked to go to Vegas and shoot dice
The room was free but he paid the price
He said each time no money was lost
But a wink and a nod said there was a cost

A doctor once told me I’ll never marry
Because I compare all men to my daddy

Now years later in hindsight
I realize that he was right

For me there is nothing wrong to have
A Knight in Shining Armor for a Dad.

Maxine Flam refuses to allow her physical and mental disability to slow her down. She had been attending classes at the local junior college taking short story analysis and advanced scriptwriting this past semester. Maxine earned two A.A. degrees, one in Natural Science and one in Liberal Arts. Maxine has been published in the Los Angeles Daily News several times, the Epoch Times once, Nail Polish Stories once, Bright Flash Literary Review once, DarkWinterLit thrice, CafeLit twice, and OtherwiseEngagedLit, once.

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