Editorial Staff

Image of Elena L. Perez, former managing editor and current editor-in-chief. She has long dark brown hair worn in a bun and is smiling with teeth. She wears dangly teal leaf earrings, a green saguaro necklace, and a hot pink short-sleeved collared blouse. The background is pale green vertical stripes.

Elena Lucia Perez

Co-founder & Editor in chief

Elena Lucia Perez is a Mexican-American storyteller who divides her time between writing, film, and theatre. She earned her BA in writing from the University of California, Riverside and has worked as an editor or managing editor of several literary magazines, including The Metaworker and Chapman University’s Calliope. She lives in Los Angeles where she works as a video editor and spends her free time curled up with a good book, craft-making, or photographing nature. Other things she likes are: fruit pies, NASA, dragons, the artwork of Kandinsky, and puns.

Metaworker editor Mel Reynolds (white skin, long dark hair, dark clothing) stands with arms outstretched, stacking smaller stones into a cairn on top of a boulder. A green pine tree and a blue sky scattered with white fluffy clouds are behind her.

Melissa Reynolds


Melissa Reynolds is an English Major at West Virginia University and a lifelong writer. She is an active member of Morgantown Writers Group and has a few stories published here and there. She is a former editor at Everydayfiction.com and has beta read more stories for her friends than she’d care to admit. Her kids accuse her of being a crazy plant lady, but she vehemently denies any such thing as she waters her twentieth African Violet.  They also accuse her of being a nerd, but finds she can’t argue the finer points in her own defense. When the weather is just right, she likes to hang out by bodies of water and stack cairns.

Cerid Jones


Cerid Jones, a lover of folk tales and myth, hails from Aotearoa (New Zealand). A creature with a lifelong passion for literature, she reads anything that transports her elsewhere or delves deep into the psyche of human nature.

An historical addiction to youth theatre (Shelia Winn Shakespeare award winner; Trinity Speech and Drama certifications), her creative practice evolved into visual arts (Honours Diploma in Art and Creativity – The Learning Connexion) and her academic endeavours (Te Herenga Waka -Victoria University of Wellington and, Massey University) resulted (finally) in a double BA in Cultural Anthropology and English Literature (including creative writing, of course).

Lena Bramsen

Social Media Intern

Lena Bramsen is a lifelong New Yorker and Creative Writing major at The New School. She explores the odd and nostalgic through words, digital art, and miniature dioramas—inspired by themes such as Americana, womanhood, and the eerie grandeur of haunted houses. She’s written for publications such as 12th Street Journal, Study Breaks Magazine, and GEN-ZiNE.

Marina Shugrue

Co-founder & communications Manager (on hiatus)

Marina is one of the dreamers and a lover of all things literature. She is a graduate of Chapman University and former member of Calliope Art & Literary Magazine. When she isn’t reading or writing, she’s busy dancing, singing along to music badly, and obsessing over her cats. She likes numbers that end in five and zero and things that come in threes.

Staff Emeritus

Image of Matthew Maichen, former editor-in-chief. He has short brown hair, a short beard and moustache, and is wearing a medium-blue button-down collared shirt, and black tie. He is smiling slightly with no teeth. The sun shines gently on him and background is green leaves. Matthew Maichen – Co-Founder, Former Editor-In-Chief

Stella Meadows – Intern

Darin Milanesio – Co-Founder, Public Relations and Social Media Manager

Dani Neiley – Web Guru
Nicole Mormann – Co-Founder and Public Relations
Stephanie Wallace – Design Intern