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We’re pretty excited that we’re now on Patreon and PayPal! We also just launched a new line of merchandise that looks pretty rad.

If you want to help us in our mission to pay our contributors, give our Patreon or PayPal a click and consider donating a few bucks. Then go and grab a Metaworker notebook or tote because the proceeds from your #MetaworkerSwag will help us get our writers paid.

street art_photo by Cerid Jones
street art_photo by Cerid Jones

We’ll be forever thankful and if you become a regular donor, you’ll get some cool perks like being immortalized here on our website (check out our Patreon page for details). Below are the awesome people who have become patrons so far. Our meta-heroes!

Tim and Georgia Shugrue

Sydney Sebastian

Robert Chamberlin

Michael Dye