“Fireworks and Supernovas” by Jack Madeira

You can cage me in fireworks

But I won’t wither from entropy

I was once resilient to the loss

Or maybe I just absorb it now

Like those sun panels on the roof


I can shoot through the sky

Like charged particles and waves

Scientists proselytize their discoveries

I’ve been reading all about them


We’re all stardust, they say

But my parents,

They don’t understand

They still ride around on rock wheels


I read about Jesus,

And he said to leave them all behind

So I can follow his path


These prophets,

They have their funny ways

But my parents,

They think they understand


Did you see what he did?

My father boarded up the windows

No photon rays can get through

It gets pitch black in this house


I think about the stars

I’ll miss them the most

They remind me of where I come from


All I can do now

Is look at the ceiling and imagine

The supernovas in all their spectacle

Worlds starting anew


I sink into the black space

We’re all just swimming in it

At least, that’s what they all like to say


I can no longer tell the difference

Between supernovas and fireworks

Photo Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/gsfc/