Wish List

We’ve been getting a lot of great submissions and we love it! But, being an online magazine, we want to publish pieces that push the limits of storytelling and the way that stories can be experienced. Besides wanting more straight prose pieces to balance out all the wonderful poetry we’ve been receiving, we’ve compiled a list (below) of other things we’d like to see in our inbox 🙂

  • Fiction/non-fiction
  • Genre pieces with a twist: reworked mythologies, urban fantasy, magic realism. Not so much your Cinderellas and Snow Whites but more of your Loch Ness and Big Foots.
  • Mysteries/thrillers that will rival Agatha Christie
  • Science fiction
  • Literary horror and things that are gross
  • Experimental pieces that work well in an online format, such as:
    • Audio pieces/monologues/spoken word
    • Ergodic stories
    • Unusual narratives
    • Web comics
    • (see here for other ideas but please note that we prefer experimental stories that have something to say, versus stories that are merely observational)