Wish List

We’ve been getting a lot of great submissions and we love it! But, being an online magazine, we want to publish pieces that push the limits of storytelling and the way that stories can be experienced. 

whale street art_photo by Elena L Perez

Below, in no particular order, we’ve listed a few topics to get your gears turning. But above all, we want to read the stories and see the art that interests you, so even if it’s not on this list, we still want to see it!

  • Fae / fairy / folklore / mythologically inspired / esoteric / magic realism
  • Genre pieces with a twist: reworked mythologies, urban fantasy, etc.
  • Stories in which the event is secondary to change in the character (Curio fiction)
  • Mature romance / later-day woman stories / middle-aged women (these are not coming-of-age stories, but rather stories exploring mature relationships)
  • Character-focused stories and poems
  • Culturally diverse perspectives
  • Experimental pieces that work well in an online format, such as:
    • Audio pieces/monologues/spoken word
    • **Ergodic stories**
    • Unusual narratives
    • Multimodal stories that include gifs or hyperlinks
    • (see here for other ideas but please note that we prefer experimental stories that have something to say, versus stories that are merely observational)
  • Web comics / illustrations / comic strip style pieces / graphic novel or picture book excerpts
  • **Original art and photography** (We do not accept AI generated art.)
  • Poems that play with form / Concrete poetry
  • Narrative poetry
  • Form poetry 
  • Dark stuff / emotional horror / paranormal / gothic
street art_photo by Cerid