art by Cerid Jones

Desquamation by Frank Njugi

Featuring original art by Cerid Jones

At the height of my loneliness, I examine ways to
escape my skin. I can perform an aromatherapy,

with incense made from the ashes of a ghoul’s corpse;
one that died at the height of its Cotard’s delusion,

or I could do an open sesame conjuration
pleading for help from the tree nymph of the

yellow birch. Of the two ways, I avoid the first one
because I have previously been enamoured by

one boy who charmed with Ayurveda’s that involved dark
cauliflowers & made my heart beat in the rhythm of a

wicked little dance. I would want to avoid remembering
when soft touches made my lips his piano keys & whispers

from this African rose sounded like the first four notes
of a hymn. So I get up before dawn, do a circular twirl

& the dryad truly hears my plea, for by the
time I am done It is 1804’ & I am a wallflower on

the day Beethoven’s ‘Eroica’ Symphony Is first played.

Frank Njugi (he/him) is a writer and poet from Kenya. He currently serves as a poetry Reader for Salamander ink Magazine & His work has appeared on platforms such as Roi Feineant press, Olney Magazine, Kikwetu Journal, Fiery scribe Review , Konya Shamrusmi and others. He tweets as @FrankNjugi

Image Credit: original art by Cerid Jones
Cerid’s artistic career is a cabinet of curiosities. A Learning Connexion graduate (Hons. Dip) she has been a practicing artist for over 15 years. Her art often deals with esoteric themes and is firmly rooted in visual storytelling. Constantly exploring styles and materials, her aim is to discover what feels right for the tale the art wants to tell. Her more recent gallery works are large scale mixed-media paintings or glimpses into nature inspired folk-tale worlds captured in felt/textiles. She also enjoys working with authors in illustration design, combining traditional techniques with digital mediums. @ceridscuriositiescabinet (instagram)

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