Micro Poetry by Sam Alec

It’s Not You, It’s Us

Upon reflection, this connection is
infection, not protection.

The Procedure ; F = ma

consensus says / undeniably / her problem is “overthinking” / so she’s finally booked a
lobotomy / 4 out of 5 trainwrecks agree / lighten the fuck up / perk the fuck up / easygo /
she’s owning it / she’s leaning in / she’s empowered / a streamlined mind is so hard to find

Sam Alec is a mostly unknown artist currently residing in the San Francisco Bay Area. Some impressive accomplishments include: successfully evading desensitization, a few major demolitions and reconstructions of personal belief systems, a well-cultivated affinity for the ugly and uncomfortable, a handful of lessons learned the hard way, and staying alive this long. More poems from Sam can be found in such fine publications as: Troublemaker Firestarter, Big Q, Hidden Peak Review, WordSwell, Home Planet News, and haikuniverse.

Image Credit – Photo by DS stories

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