“In My Space” by Anthony Ward

I look into my eyes in order to witness nebula reciprocating light from the midst of darkness residing behind them radiating with life out of the pulsating silence of consciousness confined within this intricate space exploring the immensity around me protected from the extraneous inhospitable atmosphere discovering the things I never knew about this world I inhabit that inhibits me from just being myself drawn towards the window that broadens the view of my place in the grand scale of things where the universe dissolves into me
and I evolve into a world created in my own imagination becoming a singularity in my own space my life ebbing away as it becomes consumed by gravitas until I’m asphyxiated by insignificance amongst the vacuous expansiveness that I explode with such destructive force before settling into indifference hoping everything will remain as it was with every possibility in the infinite universe living every possible life each significant to the insignificance amalgamated into an entire existence of eternity with everything that has happened still happening the future already past and present to the mind as thoughts determining the reasoning of our being ab ova ad infinitum

Anthony chooses to write because he has no choice. He writes to get rid of himself and lay his thoughts to rest. He derives most of his inspiration from listening to Classical Music and Jazz since it is often the mood which invokes him. He has recently been published in Jerry Jazz Musician, Synchronized Chaos, Literary Yard, Mad Swirl, Shot Glass Journal and Ariel Chart.

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