“I’ve Barely Been to College” by Kailey Tucker

Autumn snapped my spine 
like the sudden flash 
of a spark, waking up the dark. 

She brought rain and left me 
blooming, treading my fresh soles 
on top of crumbled yellow bladed 
leaves that change like copper 
orange chameleons. 

Detached from the earth, 
rooted in heartstrings, 
there are women unhinged, 
women in love. 

Go down on me, and the sky 
falls like the swift drop of 
a curtain, like the sun stepping
back to let the moon stare.

Kailey Tucker is a 20 year old upcoming poet based currently in Florida. She is a Poetry Editor for Flare: The Flagler Review and a Staff Writer for Strike Magazine. In 2020, she released her first full-length poetry book, Excerpts from 18. She has also had her poetry published in the Rising Stars Collection by Appelley Publishing, and performs her poetry across the southeast, hosting poetry open mics. You can find her poetry at kaileytucker.com or find her on her Instagram @kaileyatucker.

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