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The Metaworker Podcast – Meditations on Water by Stella Meadows

Episode Description:

Editors Matthew, Elena, and Melissa talk to Stella Meadows about her brilliant nonfiction (as well as what makes brilliant nonfiction in general), identity, introspection, LGBT+ representation in art, and specifically LGBT+ representation in the science fiction and fantasy genres. 

Referenced in this Episode:

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House in the Cerulean Sea by Tj Klune, book recommended by Stella; 

The Pervert by Remy Boydell & Michelle Perez, comic book recommended by Stella; 

Drop-Out, web comic recommended by Stella; 

Grease Bats by  Archie Bongiovanni, comic recommended by Stella

Author Bio:

Stella Meadows is a writer to know. Born in 1996, she’s been active since the age of eight, ever in search of the perfect sentence. Her first story was published in Quirk Literary Magazine in May, 2020. Her other work is forthcoming. Meadows takes a personal approach to story-telling, focusing primarily on issues of identity and self-expression. When not reading or writing, she can be found drinking espresso and chasing down scared raccoons (they need affection too!). A student of Humanities and Communications at California State University, Monterey Bay, she will graduate in early 2021.