A few updates!

Hey all, you may have already seen it if you looked at our submission guidelines in the last…maybe ten minutes? But in the next month we will stop taking submissions via email, and we are already starting to take them via our Duosuma!

This platform offers a lot for us, particularly Marina, who may or may not be overworked from personally answering all the submissions emails. (And by that, I mean that she is. She definitely is.)

Guidelines are the same as always, and submissions are still free. It’s just an easier way for us to manage our workload. We’re going to have a buffer period until October in which we will still be reading submissions via email. But after that point please only contact our email address with non-submission related matters. Thank you!

So now time for what I’m most excited about. We now have a discord! Come in, introduce yourself, and talk about writing. Once we get it up and running we’re hoping to have patron-exclusive benefits, especially workshops.

Speaking of patron-exclusive benefits, I figure it’s fair to let everyone know that we will be ending early-subscriber viewing, as of this week. It clearly wasn’t a strong enough incentive for garnering patrons, and all it did was confuse and frustrate authors who wanted to share their work but had to wait a week for it to be accessible to everyone. Thankfully, we have some other community-based incentives that we’re mulling over, and we will get back to you with our ideas.

Thank you so much for your support over the years! Please join our community, and keep writing!

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