A Bittersweet Goodbye

After six long years, and a lot of great memories, we’re saying goodbye to one of our editors, Darin Milanesio. He’s informed us that much as he loves The Metaworker, and treasures his time spent in the building of it, the time has come for him to move on.

Darin has been an essential part of this team in discussions. He has a strong appreciation for postmodern literature that allowed us to draw connections between what we were choosing to publish and the larger field of the written word. He has high standards, and strongly maintained that we should never sacrifice our quality just to have something to publish every week. These discussions over publishing often became spirited, and even when we didn’t agree with Darin, we had fun arguing with him. As one of our original members, he’s helped nurture the environment of healthy communication that we still enjoy today. He is noteworthy for his tendency to remain quiet during meetings until everyone else had had their say, and then speaking up suddenly to change the entire tone of the discussion. Beyond his role in discussions, he’s also maintained a number of things behind the scenes that actually surprised me, personally, when the time came to redistribute his duties before he left.

It’s important to note that The Metaworker has (somehow) become a very long-running literary blog. Again, we have been around for nearly six years, and Darin has been with us that entire time. That’s longer than most employees stay at a company these days. It’s the second-longest period of time that I’ve spent on any singular endeavor in my life. Nearly every member of the team has taken a hiatus at some point, but this is the first time that someone so essential has left, and we will miss him.

We wish Darin the best. He’s chosen to prioritize his own career (you know, something that actually generates income), which is the responsible decision to make. He’s promised to be in touch, and we’ll hold him to that.

But for now: Goodbye Darin. Thank you for your time here, and your presence will remain in the massive Metaworker archive that you helped curate. In fact, until another six years pass, you will still be involved in the majority of pieces we’ve chosen to publish.

That being said, we won’t forget your hand in this,
Matthew Maichen, Editor-in-Chief
and the Metaworker Staff

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