And…We’re Back!

Well it’s about damn time, and here we are.

We, at the Metaworker, hope you were impatiently waiting. Because we, at the Metaworker, were impatiently waiting to unveil our brand spanking-new site. You may notice that we no longer have the WordPress in our URL. This, friends, is only the start of many conveniences. I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to them, starting from the top down.

So first thing’s first, we’ve got the new menu. If you mouse over the “About Us” and “Submit” tabs, you’ll notice they have dropdown menus, one of which is the new “Editorial Staff” page, that we hope will give you a little better sense of the personalities behind our editors. As our archives grow larger, we’re planning to eventually feature dropdowns in that tab, as well. Beneath that, we have the new banner and logo, which we’re very proud of. You may see some variants of it elsewhere. Beneath that you’ve got what we really wanted: the featured post slider. Now, the three most recent posts will be displayed fluidly near the top of the page, to help combat the constant scrolling downward from days of yore. (We’re also fighting that with the improved Archives page, which you can thank Elena for.)

When you click the “Editorial Staff” tab, you’ll also see our specific job titles. To sum it up: Elena keeps everything organized, Marina will probably be the person you’ll talk to, and Darin not only handles the social media, but is the reason we’ve been getting so many more submissions lately. My job is usually to boss people around and take credit for everything, and I’m good at it.

Other than that, we’re hoping that the new Metaworker is a sleeker, more enjoyable experience, and we’re especially hoping that it was worth the wait. Now, with all that waiting we did, we’ve got a backlog of updates for you. Check back every Monday to see the work of another brilliant writer. And if you haven’t already, check out Matt Rouse’s Clocks. Especially since he is one of these brilliant writers I’ve spoken of. Happy Monday, everyone!

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