2021 announcements!

…Even though it is still, technically, 2020!

Hey all, sorry for shutting down as long as we did, but we had a boatload of submissions to get through. Starting on January 1st, 2021, our duosuma will be reopening, and we hope to see the same quantity and quality of submissions again. For this upcoming year, we already have some of the best submissions we’ve ever gotten queued up.

If you’ll look at our staff page, you’ll see that Melissa Reynolds is no longer an intern! She’s done a great job over the past several months, and we honestly can’t imagine going back to before we had her help. Hopefully, with the extra (wo)manpower, we’ll be able to finally get some of our more ambitious projects off the ground.

One of those projects is coming to fruition: we’re going to start a monthly discussion on our discord of some of the pieces that we’ve published on The Metaworker. I’m personally tired of seeing great literary art pop up and then get buried before any of its best qualities can truly be dissected.

Every discussion will feature a majority of our editors talking about why we decided to publish a particular piece, and then what we think of its deeper meaning. From there, we’ll open the discussion up to questions from anyone who wants to attend. Depending on availability, we may also have the author in attendance.

Just in case there’s anyone who might submit to us, but doesn’t want their piece discussed: we promise we’ll ask permission from all authors before we talk about your writing. Just know that if it’s something we published, we probably have nothing but good things to say! Our first discussion will be held on January 30th. We’ll post reminders as the date approaches, as well as which piece it will be, and we hope to see you there.

One last thing I want to address: I understand that this has been a difficult year for everyone. I’ve gone on and off over the years on being transparent about my own struggles, but 2020 was the first year I actually sought out therapy. We’re all going through this together, on a global scale. So whether you’re struggling under the mental burden of lockdown, dealing with a childcare nightmare, or if you’ve actually lost someone in this pandemic (I’m so sorry), understand that art can be a way of healing. We’ve gotten more submissions this year than any other. and I feel it must be because there are a lot of people who understand this innately.

Thank you for choosing to read us, and submit to us. We can afford our Duosuma because of our generous Patrons, and hopefully if we gain more donors, we’ll be able to meet many of the other goals we’ve set for ourselves, including becoming an LLC so that we can pay our contributors.

Have an amazing (and hopefully much better) year.

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