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“A Question Considered in a Pedal Car” by Ellen Webre

How am I fitting in this right now?

It’s been years, centuries since I

was small enough to terrorize villages

and miniature pedestrians

in this mighty blue vehicle.

It has remained in this spot, reigning

over the ghostly masses crushed

into my grandmother’s carpet.

How? I can’t remember myself tasting

this detachable, this curly and blue.

On one hand it is nice to be back here,

the smell of rotting house and sweet old lady.

She’ll be so pleased to see me

in this little car again. She always loved

talking about how I’d thunder down the halls.

I suppose it was my legs that got in the way

as I grew older, the lengthening of my spine.

All that is gone now so I suppose it makes sense

that I can fit into the pedal car.

I can even see the villages, the pedestrians,

bustling along like I never happened

Ellen Webre is a Southern California poet greatly inspired by her friends in the Orange County poetry scene and their prompts. She is a regular at the Ugly Mug poetry readings and has been featured there, the Coffee Cartel and Mosaic in UC Riverside.

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