“Everyday I am Born Like This” by Abhilipsa Sahoo

everyday I am born like this –

nothing ever happens for the first time

I collect my shattered promises

and get back home to my frailty

the neon sign does neither say stop nor vacant

I take the shape of a non-existent love

you draw your heart out through the oesophagus

and now it sits on your tongue

the possibility falls to zero

likeability matches to the idea of gardens on mars-

not even with the slightest of pleads

but let us watch a civilization flourish about it

another civilization of vibrant reds of songs

on these greys of construction sites

then falls the bricks of our hopes

together we dance to relish the crux

you know nothing happens sans a reason

half of me is filled with foggy waterfalls

in the quietest places and the other half

is a fireplace having heard

many a good yarn for centuries

a moment ago I was the reflection

and now look at me mirroring the hues of highways

a celestial fort resides in my little chest

watch me put to shame

the sucker born in every minute

on my lips hang the prayers to my god

– and everyday I am born like this.


Abhilipsa Sahoo is a full-time student and feminist, part-time poet from India, who loves to scoop ice-cream when not indulged in an avid reading or cooking up some poems. Her friends would rather describe her as an easy going, a good listener and equally better observer, an introverted yet humorous and compassionate person. Currently, her favourite poets are Sylvia Plath, Edgar Allan Poe, Maya Angelou, Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson, Eve L. Ewing and many more.

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