“The Laptop of God” by KG Newman

You’d expect the power button to be
a rare diamond fueling a holographic
desktop, folders overflowing in bitcoin.
Or that answers just appear, thoughts
as search engines. But in fact
there’s limited memory, every app
open at all times, no trash bin because—
no trash. Space bar cracked,
key labels long worn. You enter an address
and love pops up, coding done by children
builds a screen saver, you are six again,
trying to replace typewriter ribbon
smoldering in your hands.
It’s not that you don’t know shortcuts—
there aren’t any—it’s because God
wants you to stop copy-pasting
and clear the field in Minesweeper.


KG Newman is a sports writer for The Denver Post. His first two poetry collections, While Dreaming of Diamonds in Wintertime and Selfish Never Get Their Own, are available on Amazon. He is on Twitter @KyleNewmanDP.

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