“You and I” by Shah Tazrian Ashrafi

You were the ocean foams, and I was the golden grains of sand.

You were the heron that flew above, and I was the salty air that your wings collided with.

You were the moon, and I was the water that glinted under the light.

You were the crickets, and I was the darkness that glorified its luster.


You are the gravestone, and I am the amaranth that grows atop.

You are the breathless, and I am the worshipper who prays for oxygen at your mouth.


Shah Tazrian Ashrafi is a 15-year-old Bangladeshi teenager, who is eccentric, by nature and poetic, by soul. He’s often seen thinking about galaxies and the ferocious cats of the wild while filling papers with poetry and prose.

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