“Text Me When You Get Home” by Helen Nancy Meneilly

night falls like a brick. 

urgent tongue of

wind stuck to the back

of my neck, hair

wrapped around my

throat. fist of keys

in my coat pocket.

wraiths of twisted 

branches shiver above 

each deep mouth 

of road, smeared

with sick yellow 

street-light. the moon, 

a white rose in full 

bloom, a sole 


and i never get home.

i lie in the dark, instead.

with trees clinging 

to a field; leaves like

ink wings beating 

on black waves 

over the place 

where they’ll find me.

Helen Nancy Meneilly is an Irish poet whose work explores issues of identity, language, and womanhood. She is currently studying for her MA in Creative Writing through the Open University. Her poetry is forthcoming from Eunoia Review, as well as recently featured in Autumn Sky Poetry Daily, Antonym Magazine and Poet’s Choice.

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One thought on ““Text Me When You Get Home” by Helen Nancy Meneilly

  1. MetaWorker. Strong verse – the keys in hand – the line: ‘a white rose in full
    bloom, a sole witness’. Wow! To the end. Helen Nancy Meneilly Capture that one critical moment. George Lies

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