“Fallen Leaves” by Rhys Lee

I melt like snow into the rain,
the soft hush
of pattering
in tune with the ripples
on the surface, tension


the concentric rings
within my voice, a mirror reflection
of what is real, believing I am
the ending – or an ending, a portal
through which I can grasp salvation
each movement melting back into the Rain
after living by




into the flow while proclaiming I’m swimming
upstream – 

as if pointillism is the same as pluralism,
so that each death
forming puddles
is a silent cry,
a silent burning alive with
the touch of Rain, calling me back
into the abyss
the uncanny –

my fear is justified quietly

– I want to freeze again
into individuality
but I melt into the uniformity
clearer than the sky because
in the clarity of such Grace
You can forget about me.

Rhys Lee is a Masters candidate at Mount Saint Mary’s University. He has poetry published in The Driftwood at Point Loma Nazarene University.