“Brutal Roux” by Elyse Jancosko

Becca add more
butter Becca. That’s no way to
make a roux. Don’t just

measure on a whim.
Your flour and fat. Or fluid and fault.
Meat drippings, maybe.

That ratio. That ratio!
That’s what I’m talking about Becca,
where your thickening power

lies where your thickening prayer
follows. Too much butter Becca,
your sauce too thin. Flour

suppression. Don’t let it be true.
Total loss of thickening power. A real
slaughter if you ask me.

You know all this.
You know all this!

Your flour lost value
until one day,
the day and time came as she may,

when Becca decided.
Decided to add it to

Becca, butter, flour.

Outweigh themselves
commodities. Outweigh themselves

All pleasure and all
flour must be bought.

Make that cast-iron skillet sizzle!

Be brutal.
Be you.
Obliterate that roux.

Elyse Jancosko was born and raised in a small town hidden in the Appalachians before moving to Colorado. Elyse studies theopoetics and also conducts poetry therapy and expressive writing groups. When she isn’t writing, Elyse is biking, hiking, or hunting all over the Rocky Mountains.

Photo by Devon Rockola from Pexels

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