Call for Micro Pieces!

Short update for you all this Wednesday.

The observant among us will have already noticed that something changed at our Submissions Guidelines. If you haven’t, go ahead and check it out.

We’ve generally favored shorter fiction for a while. We’re fully aware that 3,000 words isn’t a particularly lengthy upper limit, but our blog format and Monday+Friday posting schedule makes us want to pace out the amount of text that we put onscreen at once. On the opposite end, we have rejected pieces in the past because they feel too short to justify clicking a link onto our site. We’d like to publish something like this again. But we have a two submission limit!

So we’ve fixed that problem. From now on, we’ll be having a separate micro-call on our duosuma site. So long as these pieces are 150 words or less (or 3 lines for poetry) you can submit up to five. If we accept multiple of your micro-pieces, we will put them all on one post (see the old example cited above for what this might look like :P).

As always, our goal is to be a home for whatever weird art that you can dream up. Thank you for all your submissions, and thank you to our dedicated readers.

-Matthew Maichen, Editor-In-Chief

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