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The Metaworker Podcast – The Poetry of Kate Shannon

Episode Description:

Editors Matthew, Elena, Marina, and Darin talk to Kate Shannon about her wonderful poetry! We touch on the history of the form, some of the brutal inspirations that Kate uses for her work, and what we love about beautiful poetry of all kinds.

Referenced in this Episode:

thick crusts of midnight in the late Ordovician, a wilderness of morning elsewhere by Kate Shannon on The Metaworker website; 

ghazal for aguas del sur by Kate Shannon on The Metaworker website;

a quote by Richard Siken, from his poetry collection Crush

Hip-Hop Ghazal by Patricia Smith

The American Cavewall Sonnets  by C.T. Salazar

Author Bio:

Kate Shannon is a farmer, editor, and poet from Upstate NY where she lives with her partner and too many dark secrets. She writes speculative poetry and fiction and hopes to not be eaten by one of her hideous creations. Her publication history includes The Mithila Review, Anti-Heroin Chic, and High Shelf Press.

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