“Pour toi, mon amour” by Tasnia Nahla

Chaos sings, we are
Disintegrating whole, drunk
With the city’s disillusionment
Half and half and nowhere really
sick sipping stars, picking dirt off soles

unmet; yet to birth new fire –
mere – the thoughts alone, et toi: my majesty, whole.
unkempt, my tongue,
torn, expressionless,
no language for you or I,

sea-floors, unswept, depthless; bound.
and a no land’s man
tethered to the sickness of my soul –
holy, vile, loving in spite,
cascading, un amour, un amour, un amour.

pour toi, mon amour, তোমার জন্য
Loveless am I, unbound, shrill, unholy.
my lord’s reckoner, his unkind travesty
a slaughtered tongue, chaos sings
pour toi, mon amour,

sink in me, disfigure, knee deep,
mere – we are, amour
inhale me. sipping
dust left behind your wake, I fall.
Depthless. Unbound.

Tasnia Nahla, an aspiring 23 year old Dhaka based poet sought to bring her poetry to the public eye early this year after working as a ghost writer for two years and her work has since been featured on Unvael Journal. Her poetry concentrates around ideas of identity, explorations of self, multiplicities of culture, and often, a sense of madness as a product of the times. Nahla is also keen on film and photography and her short film “Light” was featured in the 12 th International Film Festival Bangladesh 2019 under the Young Filmmaker’s section. You can find more of her work on Instagram: @nahhtciatzo

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