“Longing/Desire” by Dr. Koshy AV

The longing of the round peg 
to become square
to belong to the hole
and that of the piece of the jigsaw puzzle
to be fitted in
to make it whole
are different from that of
the fish to be thrown back into water
from on land
and the bird to learn how to fly

I am a bird
I am a fish
I am addicted to chaos
and not to man-made patterns
Now no longer a long-er or desire-er
I give to the sky
the beating of my wings
the sight of my flight
the flash of my colours
the keenness of my sight
and to the ocean
the swathe of my path
the silver of my scales
the beauty of my undulations
and tear down
the puzzles and mazes of men
leaving them puzzled
and have no desire
to stop up the hole
being the wood of the tree
and the sand of the wall
on the beach
and in the forest
far beyond
human logic’s realm
in the reign
of the universe’s inchoate symphony

Dr. Koshy AV does poems in different voices. He has published three collections of poetry so far titled Figs, Allusions to Simplicity and Birds of Different Feathers. He was nominated for the Pushcart Poetry Prize in 2012 and has been in places like Madswirl, Wagon, Spillwards, Oddball Magazine, etc. He won best poem award at Destiny Poets thrice and was editor’s pick twice at the now defunct Camel Saloon.

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