“The Neighborhood is Burning” by Kaileen Campbell

The house across from me
has caught aflame
and taken it against water

The firemen are coming
their trucks yelling at
their speed. They are dressed
in their shields
and are ready to hunt
the guilt
left by skittish men
who burn bones.

The men are climbing its stories
and kicking out its eyes.
The house is bleeding grey
and the firemen are stepping in. A neighbor
is whispering in my ear
of men who knock out clean windows.
The house’s head turns to ash
and the men can’t find a pulse.

Kaileen Campbell was born and raised in the suburbs of New Jersey were she works as a welder. She studied creative writing while attending the Maryland Institute College of Art. An interesting fact about Kaileen is that she used to raise Seeing Eye dogs in her youth. Her work has been featured in Better Then Starbucks.

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