“Reclamation” by Mallika Bhaumik

Someday we might meet,
when time has melted in us,
our lives look like dried river beds
Would you then recognise my face?

My face might appear unknown,
remote like the rugged terrains of Tibet
with its etched contours of pain,
patient as wisdom, mysterious as some ancient knowledge.
Would it be the same face you sought through long lonely nights?
The melancholy strain of some ancient lore mingling with
shifting dunes of sands.
Your mouth gone dry, a sea churning within.
A lost kiss.

Would it still be so dear that you would travel through the ruins of rebirth to call me again?

The earth has saved the receding sound waves,
fossils of the alphabets of my name.

Mallika Bhaumik’s poetry, short stories, article, interview, and travelogue have been published in e-mags like Staghill Literary journal, The Wagon Magazine, Cafe Dissensus, Oddball magazine, Spark magazine, Pangolin review, Narrow Road, Ethos Literary Journal, The WomanInc, Learning and Creativity, Get Bengal, Glomag Shot glass journal, Mark literary review and others. She has won the Reuel International award for her debut poetry book , Echoes, by Authorspress, which is currently available in Amazon. She lives and writes from Kolkata.

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