“A Russian Romance” by Nikita Parik

One fanciful Calcutta summer

the world maps were ripped off

from overused geography textbooks

in an act of innocent revolution.


You cherry-picked ecstatic reds

from sunsetty Russian sky-palettes,

scooping the colours out of the glossy

pages, and blending them expertly with


the flirty blues of the river Moskva.

I, too, borrowed the antique

old world hues of St. Basil’s cathedral

from a sparkling summer’s day,


and together, you and I,

we finger-painted the streets of Calcutta

with the colours of our Revolution.


Nikita Parik is the Assistant editor of Ethos Literary Journal.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in English from the university of Calcutta, an Advanced Diploma of three years in French studies from the Ramakrishna Mission, a Master’s degree (MA) in Linguistics from the University of Calcutta, and is about to earn another Master’s degree (MA) in English this year. 

Her works have appeared in Contemporary Literary Review- India (CLRI), Ann Arbor Review: An International Journal Of Poetry, Open Road Review Literary Journal, Shot Glass Journal, The Commonline Journal, Blackmail Press, Aainanagar, Kaafiya, and several others. Her debut poetry chapbook has been longlisted in an international poetry chapbook competition this year. She is currently also working on her book length poetry collection on multiculturalism, multilingualism, displacement, and an understanding of one’s cross-cultural, cross-linguistic identities as a result of internal migration.

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