“Concurs” by Sanjeev Sethi

Not like in the motion pictures but we had our moments.

There is no record, no pesky scribe seeking the “hows”

and  “whys” of it. No scoops, no cover stories. In this

frozen space feelings are drowsy. Sharing is vaporizing

one’s version to oneself. There are unbirthdays in the

hamster wheel of  our rat race. Ars longa vita brevis.


Sanjeev Sethi is the author of three books of poetry. His most recent collection is This Summer and That Summer (Bloomsbury, 2015).  A Best of the Net nominee (2017 & 2018), his poems are in venues around the world: Poydras Review,Miller’s Pond, Litbreak,Red Savina Review, Blognostics, The Best of Mad Swirl: v2017!, Formercactus, InkPantry, Amethyst Review, and otherwhere. He lives in Mumbai, India.

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