“7820 miles” by Snata Bose

How can I forget you
If your breath is on my skin,
A peppermint sweet cloaked around my neck,
Hair chaotic against my chest,
Eyes as dreamy where my Eden floats,
For Eden is what I saw on your face.
The timbres of your voice ring in my ears,
Risqué and racy, fiery on your lips
Your taste still moored to my tongue,
Your hold still pinned against my waist.
I bathed in your gold when you rained it on me,
Torrid and honeyed, running down my skin.


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Snata Bose is an aspiring writer from Dhaka, Bangladesh. The idea of surrealism that she learned from the great Salvador Dali happens to be the very blatant theme of all her work. Her first published work entitled ‘Funeral’ was encouraged by a Dhaka-based literary magazine Monsoonletters and she was also seen amongst one of the first issues of the Young Observer. Snata is currently doing her A levels besides working on other things as well as poetry that she is hopeful about sharing with the world someday soon. Her belief traverses along a soulful perception that everyone is an artist in their own solitary manner and that the artist within her was born to paint not with colours but with words.