“Eight Hour Sunder” by Edward Hemstreet

Do not let this be the end.

Do not bisect, dissect our time
with before and after,
            with Now and Never.

Do not spill espresso
            upon our pages
and call the tale tiresome.

Do not fill my lungs
            with lightyears of smoke
and point to constellations.

Do not convince me
that solitary plots
            will suit us better.

Do not dye grey
all the vibrant times
            in your burned Basement.

Do not give up
            the warmth of Fire
as I chop the wood.

Do not put your foot down
            and pretend it is not
pressed on my throat.

Do not let this be the end.
Do not go.


Edward Hemstreet is a surfacing writer from New Jersey, United States. His works are featured or forthcoming in Allegory Ridge, The Write Launch, and Roanoke Review, among others. In other realms of literature, he has written a presently-unpublished novel, The Model. When not writing, he may be found drinking uncomfortable amounts of tea.

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