June Hiatus – A Message from the Editor in Chief

I’ll start with what we most want you to hear: We’re still taking submissions.

You’ll recall that a little over a year ago now, we went on hiatus from regular Monday updates to work on our site, increase our web presence, and focus our energy on coming back with a new look. During that hiatus, we queued up a few interviews and ironically spent more time and energy on them than we would have on just reading submissions and posting them to the site, but, y’know, whatever. This time, we’ll be taking a real break, as in taking a break ourselves. (God, after nearly two years, we need one)

We won’t fully be gone. We’ll still be active on social media. Probably more active than we were before. You can email us with any questions or contact us in any way that’s easiest. We try to be transparent.

As of now, the hiatus should continue through June. The site will stay up. Any submissions received and accepted will be posted after the break is over. Keep in contact with us. Hell, make friends with us! We like friends! And until July swings around, we’ll see you on the other side.

By the way: June 1st was my mother’s birthday. Happy birthday, mom!

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