Upcoming Changes

And The Metaworker is locked down through the end of 2016. Thank you to everyone who’s kept submitting, and especially to everyone who’s kept reading.

But wait, there’s more!

We’ve given it some thought, and as part of our efforts to be more transparent with our submitters, we’re going to be making a few changes to our submission schedule. The most obvious difference will be that every submitted piece we accept will be published approximately two months after it was submitted. This means that if you submit to us in January, you can expect to see your piece up some time in March. Submit in February? Expect to see it in April, and so on. I say approximately because we’re still going to be setting up our schedule as we see fit, just within the month.

The catch, here, is that we’re going to be thinking about how many slots we have for pieces each month. For example: In June, we’ll be accepting pieces for August. But if there are only four Mondays in August, that means we can only accept four pieces during the entire month of June. As a result, it may take a little longer for us to get back to you on whether your piece was accepted or not. If your piece is not accepted, it may not necessarily mean we don’t like it. We may decide that we have too much poetry in one month, as opposed to fiction, or vice versa. We may be stuck choosing between two interesting pieces and have to let one go. We do love a lot of the things we reject, and from one month to the next your odds of getting published may change. As always, don’t be discouraged, and keep trying! Remember to aim for 100 rejections a year.

This new, fixed schedule is how we’re doing things as of right now. Since we filled out our 2016 publication schedule before the end of October, we’re going to be putting all the submissions we got near the end of October into our “November” pile. So if they’re accepted, you can expect to see them in January.

There are a few other small differences. We recommend you check out our updated Submission Guidelines. Thank you again for your support. It means so much.

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