Hump Day Update from the Editor in Chief

Wait, it isn’t Monday!

Yeah, well I’m about to drop some news on you suckas. It fits pretty solidly into the good news/bad news/okay news category.

Let’s go in the exact order I just listed. Good news first: we now have a twitter handle. Your choices are the following: click the little bird under social, or click this link right here: https://twitter.com/TheMetaworker

As you can see, this isn’t a retread of the facebook. We won’t just be posting links to updates, but other stuff as well. Darin’s back from Uganda and is intent on running this thing. Let’s all give him the credit he deserves. How? BY FOLLOWING. FOLLOW FOLLOW FOLLOW. Then SUBMIT SUBMIT SUBMIT. (Someone recently actually asked me if we were still taking submissions. Could we be any more clear, people?)

Speaking of our staff, that flows more solidly into the bad news: Nicole Mormann is leaving the Metaworker. As life gets busier, we have to limit our commitments, and she has quite a few. (She is actually in a BAND. How cool is that?) For a lot of you, this may be a huge shocker. Nicole was the founder, right? This was her idea, true. Therefore, she was the one in charge?

Uh. Erm. No.

This gets us into the “okay” news, which isn’t really news at all. It’s about time that I officially announced my position as the Editor In Chief of The Metaworker, a position I’ve held as long as we’ve actually called ourselves The Metaworker. Still, it’s an announcement I didn’t want to make. For a few reasons.

Nicole has a lot of supportive friends and family. I don’t think she’d argue with that. In some ways, I wanted to bank on her being the face of The Metaworker because she’s cooler than me. Or, at least, has a tendency to get thirty likes on posts sharing her work in comparison to my maybe-ten-on-a-good-day. I think this is, in large part, because she knows how to promote herself. That’s something I’m still learning. Oh, and organization, and professionalism.

I also never wanted to take credit for something that was always a team effort. So please, stay aware of the contributions of Darin, Marina, and Elena, and of course stay aware of the hand Nicole had in starting this.

So why am I going on about this? Because I want it to be clear that it was ME THE WHOLE TIME (plot twist). And for all intents and purposes, nothing  is going to change. Other than I’m going to be more open about communicating with you all. It’s me. Hi.

This is getting long. And I don’t have a good ending in mind. Happy hump day, everyone. Read and Submit.

And thank you again, Nicole. Good luck with your band, your writing, and whatever other creative avenues you pursue. We’ll be watching.

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