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“One Girl” by Ellen Webre

One girl bakes a hundred cupcakes and gives them away for free. One girl wastes perfectly good eggs on a car. One girl’s dog gets fat from all the junk food she leaves around. One girl breaks into a house and steals the iguana. One girl dumpster dives for something she’ll never find. One girl swallows a promise ring. One girl breaks her arm trying to prove a point. One girl cries into a vomit-filled sink. One girl has a one night stand for the first time, and likes it. One girl won’t get out of bed for her sister’s birthday. One girl takes up rock climbing and meets someone new. One girl decides she wants to be a lesbian. One girl makes a scene at a restaurant. One girl gets high while babysitting. One girl shaves her head and is mistaken for a cancer survivor. One girl learns how to cast curses on the internet. One girl watches her bruises heal. One girl climbs onto her roof and refuses to come down. One girl pours sugar in a gas tank. One girl goes on a slutty rampage through her friends. One girl dances in her underwear. One girl writes sad poetry. One girl decides to travel. One girl visits to the hospital every day, but he never, ever wakes up.

Ellen Webre is a Southern California poet greatly inspired by her friends in the Orange County poetry scene and their prompts. She is a regular at the Ugly Mug poetry readings and has been featured there, the Coffee Cartel and Mosaic in UC Riverside.

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