Maichen Nation Here

Please never call me that. Why did I call myself that?

As of now, there is no deadline for when we’re going to start publishing your beautiful works. There’s a reason for that.

We are building up submissions. Without giving the exact numbers, our inbox isn’t taking off yet; which I’m fine with. Most of you are writing second or third drafts, polishing things up, and getting them just right. I mean, I think you are.

So we’ll wait as long as we need to. Which will be as long as you need us to. That’s right, you have the power. The more submissions we get, the sooner we’ll launch. Submit, and let other people know about us, so they’ll submit. Tell your family, your friends, your acquaintances, that one coworker you know the name of but can’t even have a conversation with without it being awkward.

Once we have a good base of submissions to draw from, the weekly posts will start.

Happy writing, friends.

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